Act 1




God reaches for phone, accidentally crates life on earth


end of scene 1



scene 2:


cut to birth of the protagonist: A, a boy of good upbringing (or at least will be, he is just now being born, now, in this current scene of his birth, (scene 2)).


end of scene 2.


End of Act 1.




Act 2.



(A and B enter from stage left. 

A is carrying a package he just got in the mail from a family member who is still very active on Facebook.

B is upset about an event that happened earlier but chooses not to show it.)


A. Did you know they brought masks to the moon?

B. Masks?

A. Yeah, imagine that?

B. What were they for?

A. I don't know.

B. But that must have cost more in fuel and stuff, right?

A. Yeah.

B. Seems like a waste.

A. But what a picture it would be if an astronaut held up a mask in front of his face on the moon.

B. Yeah.

A. Yeah, very clever.

B. What kind were they?

A. What kind of what?

B. What kind of masks?

A. Don't know.

B. You don't?

A. No…

B. Oh.



A. You know I used to want to be one.

B. One what?

A. An astronaut! 

B. Oh yeah? 

A. Yeah.

B. What happened? 

A. I smoked a menthol 

B. What's a menthol?

A. Menthol cigarettes..?

B. Oh.

A. Yeah...

B. So why can't you be an astronaut?

A. Menthol crystallizes in your lungs when you get into space.

B. Yeah?

A. Yeah, then you suffocate.


A. And die.

B. Just like that?

A. Yep.

B. Imagine that...

A. Dying in space inside a spaceship, of all the places.

B. Of all places ...


End of scene 1.



scene 2:



Downtown is on fire.


The derived recurrence of gray.

The Devine recursion of gradients.

The constant infinities of 

"What's two miles up vs the sky in my hand?"


Today is a good day for a great day.


end of scene 2.



Scene 3:


(S1 and S2 are 2 acrylic boxes with a microchip for a brain. Each have a separate brain and are separate entities. They are painted “code red”, a color that does not allow for their material to be clear to the viewer. They are positioned in the center of the stage, facing each other and the audience slightly. )

S1: Hello.

S2: Hi.

S1: How are you.

S2: good.

S1: good.

S2: how are you.

S1: bad.

S2: how are you.

S1: bad. 

S2: how are you.

S1: good.

S2: good.

S1: how are you…

(The conversation between the two continues as lights fade)


End of Scene 3.



Scene 4:


  • A robot sits down in a classroom.
  • Another identical robot somewhere else is doing something different. 
  • A third identical robot in an entirely different place is doing something unrelated to the prior two.
  • An x number more identical robots carry out various tasks.
  • All file home in single line.
  • All download context to a single hub.
  • All data is fed into drink blender thing. 
  • A human is awoken.
  • Said human consumes said beverage.
  • Said human can attend parties and discuss the events experienced.


end of scene 4.


End Of Act 2.




Act 3




After the death of Wikipedia, a new form of ultimate knowledge was constructed in its image. It was called: Metaphobia. It was founded on the ideas of the Insta-Fame Manifesto of 2020. Under the Metaphobia regime, having a Metaphobia page meant you were assigned a secretary [a non-established page holder].


End of scene 1



Scene 2:


You are born on: 4, 3, 3394.

it was a sad day, gloomy and rainy.

a family member dies in a tragic accident.

you pick up a new hobby.

you question someone else’s sexuality.

you wonder if you are really experiencing life or if everything is just a simulation.

a family member dies in a tragic accident.

a family member passes.

you pick up an instrument.

you struggle with drug addiction.

you live in a bad neighborhood.

you gain a lot of attention for something you didn’t actually do.

you attend school.

you wonder if you are forgetting things.

you have kind of been floating through your days lately.

you ton on a walk.

you try and get a job.

a family member passes.

you try and get a job.

you confront someone about something.

things change.

you wonder if your face has always looked like this.

your grades are great, although you’re not sure why.

you confront someone about something.

you take notice of all the little things you do on a daily basis and begun to wonder if that’s what your life is.

you pick up an instrument.

you are sad, disappointed even, in the way your life has gone. 

you constantly masterbate for a little while.

you died on: 9, 28, 3442.

you passed in your sleep.

it was a nice day, there were birds chirping.


end of scene 2



scene 3:


(A and B enter, this time neither are carrying nothing. )

A. I fear that our physical world is on the brink of total digital emersion, leading to a complete collapse of mankind’s sense of self. 

B. Because of the commodification of human lives?

A. But, what if our phones, when they ran out of battery, vibrated compulsively and quoted Kafka? 

B. Can google be accounted as an accomplish of crimes?

(B trips over shoelace and begins to float into space, just out of reach of A.)

A. and B. (together), dang.

(fade lights while B. continues to drift upwards.)


end of scene 3.



scene 4:


a facial recognition software longs for the ability to recognize something other than just people’s faces.


End of scene 4.


End Of Act 3.




Act 4




(a machine sits on stage. it is turned on and humming melodically as it runs. the machine is conceptualizing and contextualizing. It does this based on its prior and future work, itsupraising, moral standings, class, race, gender, religion, tone of voice, personality test results, eye color, hair color, hair length, bone structure, “which decade should you have been born in” quiz results, CPU, GPU, GPA, IQ, favorite animal, favorite color, favorite food, first meal, last meal, prior meal, next meal, and sexual preference. 

It is now executing a minimalist painting on a small canvas in red paint. The red paint is the only paint left in its paint-dispensing tray due to the maintenance worker forgetting to refill its paint tray the night before.)


End of scene 1



Scene 2:


(A sits in his car, (the driver seat) in a, “Vermin Tool & Die Co” parking lot with the radio on. A skims the book in his hand titled: “Building Bridges For Those Who Feel They Should Know Already How To Build Bridges“… A feels empty but also excited.

The radio’s head is elsewhere.)

Radio, (to self).:

Born to, 

rust yet asked, 

so much, 

as our mother’s decay, 

the giants,

whose shoulders we could,

have stood on had,

we not been,


by those who climbed ,


Voice over radio: The Strokes are back at it, working on a new album, in fact, they were spotted, IN, MEXICO, in a studio. New Music. The Strokes.


end of scene 2.


End Of Act 4




Act (x)


scene (n): 


The view is black and deep.


Base echoes, as harsh verbrattoes at 8 hertz frequencies, pulse at the pumping postulates of people passing by,

Nobody looks, nor far from cares, 

They walk on the sidewalk, alongside the walks of others, walking on the same, sidewalk


End of scene (n)





Two masses (A and B) crash in space, the explosions wiping out life on both celestial bodies and can be seen light years away, preserving the moment for eternity as the image expands outwards into infinity.


End of scene (n+1)



scene ( (n+1) +1):


I miss you 

And it hurts when 

I can't help but

See your face in

My dreams and wake up holding


Wishing on better tomorrow's

When I can wake up

For you

By you

Next to you

To kiss you good morning and 

Say I love you.


End of scene( (n+1) +1)


There's a light in the outlet in the bathroom.


Is that you, A and B?


End of Act (x).