For Thought

On the Topic of Passing Post- Internet:

The conversation of post- internet work came up recently. After discussing this idea further with visiting artist Marisa Olson, It seemed like the Post- internet era would live on until the eventual death of the internet. As far away as this is (if even a possible future for which mankind still lives/ is making art work even exists), does this possibility rule out the opportunity for any new art movement to develop on its own- or rather outside the realm of post-internet? 

I would argue that this is not entirely true. Rather, I would say the end of post- internet, will not come with the death of the internet itself, but instead will stem from our eventual stability as a society to not look back and rely on past generations (both ideologically and aesthetically) in order to run our everyday lives. To make work in a society within the internet is to piggyback on that which came before. To establish a new art movement that does not live within post-internet is to look to the future rather than the past or present-or to make work that transcends aging in that it can only live in the coming moment and never arrive.

Or perhaps would the end of post- internet be a future or a reality in which the internet and ourselves become one entity? A collective mind. A society that is connected not through the invisible cables that connect computer to computer, but rather connected as one conscious mind.